The Exchange Club of Vicksburg Child and Parent Center, INC.

Imagine a childhood in which your parents were unable to care for and nurture you. Job loss, illness, divorce, and overwhelming frustration are only some of the reasons parents can be less than nurturing. A combination of these factors can cause even the most loving parent to act out of character.

Above all

The Child And Parent Center champions programs for children and teens; provides support for parents, and collaborates with the community to nurture the family unit in the midst of financial or medical crisis or everyday frustrations. Children, families, and parents CAN become complete again.

About Us

The Vicksburg Child and Parent Center, Inc. founded by the Exchange Club, celebrated its 26th year of operation in 2011.


We strive to serve as an advocate for the community’s children.


We are dedicated to promoting the best interest of every child. We value a child’s right to grow up in a nurturing and loving home.

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Our Sponsors

City of Vicksburg

Warren County Board of Supervisors

Exchange Club of Vicksburg

United Way of Central Mississippi

Our Programs

The CAP Center exists to break the cycle of abuse, eliminate shame, and create bonds between parents, children, and a loving community.

We have Many great programs to help both children and parents, READ MORE HERE.


During the month of December, the CAP Families are in need of items to celebrate the holiday season. As such, the CAP Center will incur additional expenses to assist… Your gift during this time is greatly appreciated. The Center will begin to accept toys, clothes and monetary gifts during October and November. We need your help!

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