CASA Background

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CASA Background

Before the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Program was established in Warren County, there was no agency or program to assist and serve the young and voiceless victims of abuse and neglect. Many of these children were in foster care, often unable to be reunited with their families or adopted by new ones. Foster care, which is designed to be temporary shelter, became a permanent placement for many of these children. Numerous children in Warren County spend too many years moving from one temporary home to another.

Contributing to this situation, in part, was the lack of information given to youth court judges. So, judges could only rule on a case based on the black and white information in front of them.

No child’s welfare should be left simply up to conjecture and paperwork.

With the establishment of the CASA Program in June 1992 in Warren County, these children now have a powerful voice speaking on their behalf. The CASA Program prevents the re-victimization of children by the system. With Warren County CASA in place, the Court’s ability to assess the child’s situation has been enhanced through voices like yours that understand the people, not the paperwork.

In 2022, Warren County CASA served the best interest of 142 children (some carried over from 2021). The CASA program makes sure that the abuse and neglect these children suffered at home do not continue as abuse and neglect at the hands of the system.


The CASA Program would not be possible without the outstanding volunteers who devote their time and energy to the unheard children of the community.

The Warren County Youth Court Judge Marcie Tanner Southerland swears in trained CASA volunteers as appointees of the youth court. Becoming a CASA volunteer requires no college degree or special experience. The only qualities you should have compassion and commitment. You already want to do what is right. Now, speak up for the children. By becoming a CASA volunteer, you become a powerful voice in the life of a child.

For more information, contact Avis Phillips at the Vicksburg Child Abuse Prevention Center at 601-634-0557.

Thank you CASA Volunteers!